for adolescents ages 7-18 with mental health illness to help them achieve their life goals.


Our PRP program helps adolescents in the community to be more productive in their personal, family, school and community lives. HAB serves adolescents with mental health diagnoses, coping issues, conflict resolution, good character and other behavioral challenges that impedes the individual’s ability to function to their maximum potential in society.

HAB integrates a holistic approach when working with adolescent clients in need of services for mental health assistance. In partnership with our adolescent clients, their families and community stakeholders to we provide the services they need and community stakeholders, we provide the services needed and strive to normalize the therapeutic rehabilitation process.. HAB will meet our clients where they are by supporting their needs and following an appropriate treatment plan from a licensed mental health professional.

HAB family members partner with our clients and their therapist to identify therapeutic goals. This may include learning to effectively communicate with peers and adults, health and hygiene, good character behaviors, healthy diet and exercise, applying themselves in school, life dreams and goals, accountability or surrounding themselves with positive individuals. Our staff will provide educational resources and services that may benefit our clients and their families.

The HAB family will advocate for the services needed for our clients to improve their situations so they will become viable valuable assets to the community. While many of our services are offered in the client’s home, we also have on-site group sessions. HAB also has groups that promote socialization and team building.

Hands Across Baltimore (HAB) partners with schools, neighborhoods, mental health agencies, and parents to help achieve and improve proper mental health in the youth/ adolescent demographic. We offer a variety of programs including PRP (Psychiatric Rehab-ilitation Program), resource allocation, social skills etiquette and life skills training.

HAB positively impacts the lives of youth in order to chart their paths to a healthy mental state of being. Our focus will be to foster a caring and safe environment so that our youth clients may obtain success by reaching their individually stated therapeutic goals. The HAB family and team members are dedicated to the rehabilitation process necessary to improve the early lives of each client. Collectively, the HAB family boasts more than 100 years of service 100 years of experience in promoting the well-being of Baltimore City and its youth. Our professional, social and personal lives have adjoined the HAB family members for this moment in time as we seek to empower youth to realize their healthy minds through our holistic PRP approach.

Service delivery is conducted at the client’s home or an environment conducive and convenient for the client. HAB also has on site services and group sessions. The group sessions will have social, educational, and therapeutic components designed to be engaging and fun while still advancing the overall therapeutic goals of the client.


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